Work from Home

Nature’s Cabin

Even though the restrictions have eased a bit, most of us are stuck in the boundaries of our houses. Whether you were pursuing a degree in college or whether you were working, everything has moved to a virtual setting.

I was recalling the days when I used to work from hills and since now the situation forced me to work from home, I was longing for a similar setting.

And this cute boy was there to accompany me after the day whenever I’d sit to read a book and have a cup of tea in the evening.

Today, when ‘work from home’ has blurred the boundaries between our personal and professional life, these memories remind me of how much fun it used to be, working in the hills!


32 thoughts on “Work from Home

  1. I currently am still working at home too. You’re right because I have found myself thinking about life pre covid and the freedom we once had. And I wonder if we will ever get that back!

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    1. Yes. There probably won’t be a normal again. It’s going to be something new. Something “Post-Covid New Normal”
      It’s so weird, last time this year no one would have thought that we’ll be in a situation like this.

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  2. I have tried all sorts of work from home schemes and have never found one where I can make some money. I have found Side Hustles that work like cleaning cars, Home shopping, Baby sitting.
    Is this the same thing ? Or am I mistaken ? Chris Smith.


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