The Pursuit of Meaning


Hey guys, it’s our first tie collaborating together, me and Pia Majumdar, check out her page. She’s an amazingly talented writer who posts some amazing poems.


There is an internal fight in my mind

I don’t know what is lost that I am trying to find

Maybe I gave up and declared that it can’t be found

Converted the voices in my mind to a noisy sound

Sometimes it’s easier this way

To move on and forget

It’s better to lose the thought in the fray

Than to wonder and regret

Let it be what it will be then we’ll see

If it all meant for eternity.

We get stronger by letting go of people

If we don’t our wounds will never close

And we’ll just continue to bleed.

Life is something we cannot even define

Yet it is the very reason we wake up in the morning.

In every moment you are granted a choice: live or exist.

Maybe wake up from this slumber

and start loving the world around you.

Because, if life is so important to us that we fear losing it,

why do we spend our days trapping ourselves

in a  game where all we do is exist.


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