A mirage


I used to write poetry but didn’t continue it consistently. Sharing a poem that I had written a few years back.

Chance becomes a reality when you take it

Life becomes a mirage if you make it

The chance took me to a choice

Thought I had a new reason to rejoice

Forgot the path on which I already was

And just followed the voice

For a while, I was in a trance

When the chance gave me a glance

Lost the sight of the bigger picture

Just focused on the moment’s nuance

Following the voice, I moved behind

Down the road, I could see an end

I thought no need to worry

Maybe it’s just a bend

But when I reached close

It was a dead end.

The voice just dragged me along

And I danced to an unknown song

Realized I took the wrong direction

And all this was a huge distraction

It was just deceit in camouflage

After all, it was a Mirage.

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