The Experience


Self-improvement is a question of maturity. We become a better person than what we used to be because of our experiences. Experience is a great teacher. Sometimes, too harsh. We just don’t internalize the usual cliches like people are what count, life is precious, materialism is overrated. We hear them, acknowledge them but we don’t follow them. Sometimes a harsh experience or tragedy is what hammers it into the soul. You might not be happier but you will be better. Then the regret comes in. Had we acknowledged the aforementioned truth without the harsh experience, we would have been happier as well as wiser.

In the time of this pandemic, people are talking about things they’d do once it is over. About how everyone is going to live a little more, appreciate nature more, travel more, worry less, not taking anything for granted, etc.  I appreciate this understanding but I’m worried if it is going to be the case after all. We have short memories and we often tend to forget things unless they have deeply affected us at a personal level. I just hope most of the people maintain and attain that understanding without going through the ‘experience’.

Stay safe everyone.

6 thoughts on “The Experience

  1. I really enjoyed reading this and thank you, my sentiments exactly! And the main lesson with #covid19 is to never ever make plans before or after….no one knows tomorrow but humans have this obsession to do and have it all and yet….Life is way too short!

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