The Comfort Zone


Sometimes I think why to make a big deal out of anything. Just carry on like the world is carrying on. But I don’t want to settle for less. I know there’s risk involved. But when I can do better, I can’t settle for less.

We feel that why there is a need to leave this comfort zone because we are happy here. Why chase uncomfortable things.

Your comfort zone is where nothing exciting or new ever happens. It’s back there where you never take risks, never feel thrilled, never feel nervous, never feel elated, never surprise yourself by doing something you didn’t think you could do.

That comfort zone is where your senses get dulled when you don’t notice anything around you, not even beautiful things because if you see something every day even beauty becomes tiring.

Your comfort zone is every single day feeling like Wednesday, food tasting like what you had yesterday and the day before. It imperceptibly becomes low-grade despair.

Never leaving your comfort zone extinguishes your curiosity, your creativity, your sense of purpose and your drive.

You can switch it all off and live on automatic and wonder what it’s all for and many other things it doesn’t occur to you to wonder if you are even sometimes on your toes.

Go challenge your boundaries.

P.S. Stay in the boundaries of your house in this pandemic though. Stay Safe.

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