The Rhymes


Am I not alright
I don’t know this yet
But I’m going to fight
Against every kind of threat
Is it a matter of sleep
Or is it something deep
Sometimes overthinking is a boon
But mostly it is a bane
The situation becomes difficult
And then it’s like shedding tears in the rain
I don’t know what is the reason
Maybe it’s just the changing season
Or is there any root cause
Which is pushing me towards loss
You hold the better part
Of my beating heart
All I ask is a little time per day
Because your voice somehow shows me the way
It keeps me at my best
Put my worries to the rest
When I’m cold
Your warmth is within me
When I’m in a shadow
There’s a light you bring in
What on earth I wouldn’t give
For just a few moments with you more
You keep my spirit high
whenever I’m feeling low
All I ask for is little time
Maybe in future
I’ll write better rhymes

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