What is truly beautiful?

“The earth has music for those who listen. “


A few days ago, I was in Landour(a small town in Uttarakhand, India) and taking a walk and clicking few pictures. An old man, probably in his 70s, saw me clicking the pictures and asked me if he could have a conversation with me. I said, “sure Sir.”Then he started walking with me as we had the conversation.

He asked me why was I clicking the pictures of the hills or the view and I answered that I was doing so because it’s a beautiful view. He smiled a bit as if he was expecting that answer or rather maybe wanted me to say that. He asked me why is it beautiful and then he rephrased his question to how do we consider anything beautiful. I tried to answer by saying that I think beauty is more of a subjective thing than objective. Different people find beauty in different things depending on their taste .

He nodded a bit as if approving my answer. He said we say nature is beautiful. It is so because it is untouched and still the way it was created. And then he discussed how he’s been staying in Landour for past 34 years and saw the changes in the weather and the place. And he was genuinely concerned with how humans are interfering with nature’s beauty.


Then he asked me what is the purpose of Beauty?. I started thinking. I thought that of course beauty is pleasing or delightful but then wondered if that is the purpose. And then as I saw he has been waiting for few minutes for an answer, I finally said I don’t know what’s the exact purpose of beauty. He told me to think about it and left.

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“By beauty I mean, that quality or those qualities in bodies, by which they cause love, or some passion similar to it”

– Edmund Burke

And since then I’m wondering about his last question. So I want to ask what’s the purpose of beauty? or what is ‘beautiful’ according to you?

Please share your views.










37 thoughts on “What is truly beautiful?

  1. Enjoyed your conversations as well as the pictures. I am intrigued by the old man’s question. Never gave it a thought. Hmm…. purpose of beauty could be to fill the heart with happiness and warmth. 🙂


  2. Beauty is..something..that stops your eyes from blinking. That brings a smile to your face. That causes your heart skip a beat. That helps your soul find peace.
    Expressed everything that I felt from those mesmerizing clicks of yours. That’s Beauty.😊

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  3. At first I must say that all the pictures are too beautiful..!! Specially the last one. Perfectly clicked. Now, lets come to the question that you had asked.. for me beauty is something which makes you stop thinking about negative and energy draining thoughts. The moment you see it, you almost forget about everything that you were thinking of. You do have your eyes twinkling and your lips get stretched to give it a shape of a smile. Somehow, beauty is something which makes you feel divine. These are the only words which I can get to define it. There are few things in the world which can’t express into words. I feel beauty is also one of them.

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  4. Well done, I love questions that don’t expect one single “correct” answer. I’d say that beauty is in the things and people that can make our hearts smile. Beauty is in the soothing power of Nature and in the eyes of those who love us for what we are.

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  5. Purpose of Beauty is to invoke Love, because ‘Only Love is Real’. God made everything beautiful, for He wanted all to resiprocte & relate with Love. As is said “Satyam Shivam Sundaram”

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  6. The earth has music for those who listen……Lovely….. For me beauty is everything that brings within us happiness, a carefree childlike happiness…It generates peace and a deep connection with ourselves…

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  7. I feel like anything that moves us emotionally and touches our soul can be considered beauty or beautiful. In this way, yes, beauty is subjective and is different for everyone.
    Great post, by the way!

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  8. It’s such a beautiful post. The question, the pictures, the quote. So absolutely beautiful.
    I completely agree with the quote. I can’t think of a better purpose of beauty.

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