To reach out for something which you can pleasantly achieve is the least what a person can do. A greater effort would be to take that step which puts you in closer to risk. It extends beyond your comfort zone or your safe haven, or sense of beauty, or what you personally believe suits you in an exploration of what may not.

The world is a gymnasium. You may start with picking up feathers but you can’t keep on doing that. You got to add weights as you progress, or if you want to progress at all.


“Fight your fear, your laziness, your ignorance before you worry about fighting the competition.”

The first step to progress is that you got to talk about progress. Your words control your life, your progress, your results, even your mental and physical health. You cannot talk like a failure and expect to be successful.


When you are in your comfort zone all your mental energy goes into getting by, so you don’t have to ask yourself any of the big questions. Who am I? Who am I supposed to be? Am I doing enough?

When we are vulnerable, it brings out honesty in us. Our emotions become honest. But when we are in a comfortable or safe place we keep on listening to our own excuses and lies.

“Comfortable (favorable) circumstance ‘polishes’ one and uncomfortable (unfavorable) circumstances ‘ molds’ one. What problem do we have with either of the two?”

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