Some feeling



At this moment in life

It’s the kind of time

Where every conversation with you is a poem

With a beautiful rhyme


I am scribbling my feelings

Which I can’t express in front of you

But I’m certainly happier

And the sole reason is you


In your life, you’ve got a fair share of worries

Which slow you down sometimes and sometimes make you hurry

At times we both feel uncertain, At times we are sure

Even with all your own problems you provide my pain a cure


I love when you share

Even the simplest of things

The connection we have is rare

Your name, my heart sings


I feel so lucky

You crossed my route

It feels like I was free falling in gravity

And someone lent me a parachute


I know I haven’t been enough

To always help you out

But I try my best

Whenever you give a shout


I don’t know where this will go

At the moment I’m going with the flow

From the context of distance, we are far away

But whenever you need me I’ll find a way


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