Stories behind the clicks

Here, in this post, I’m sharing a few stories which are the backdrop of those pictures that I clicked.


Serenity among chaos

This picture was clicked in the early weeks of XLRI when the feeling was just sinking in that I have finally arrived at one of the best institutes in India. I was in the awe of the culture, curriculum as well as the picturesque views that XLRI provided. As the chaos started, one fine evening I was sitting at Lecture Hall stairs along with my friends and the sunset presented a serene environment and a lovely view and no second invitation was required for me to click it. (3)

The Goal

I am a passionate football fan and player. I arrived at my grad school with few things in mind, one of them was restarting my relationship with football (We were on a ‘break’). The very first day after arriving I gathered few equally enthusiast players and headed towards the football ground and since then I’ve been part of the daily football team practices in the morning. As I went to train alone one fine evening, clicked this on the way back from the football field.


The Monsoon

There are few things which can drop on your head at any time – surprise quizzes, General Body Meetings, and rain. I got to witness the monsoon of Jamshedpur at XLRI which is quite different from what I had experienced till now. The cloudy skies before and after the rain provide amazing views. This picture is telling a story in disguise which I was thinking while clicking it from the fourth-floor window. The nails in the picture are to be used and I am the man with the hammer who has to complete the job. But I am distracted by beautiful attractions and in a dilemma.

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