Through perceptions, we organize and interpret our sensory impressions in order to give meaning to our environment.

“The world that is  perceived is the world that is important”


Our perceptions of ourselves and others and how they are related to each other define us as individuals.

Perceptions color our judgments.

How we perceive our own self and how much it matches with others’ perception of us shows that we are aware of our own self. For example, if someone feels he’s shy and others also perceive him as a shy individual, this shows the former’s self-awareness. By becoming self-aware we can work on converting our liabilities into our assets.


Similarly, if someone is lazy but yet he doesn’t realize that but others perceive him as lazy, it shows he is blind towards this liability. Feedback from others is the way to tackle with this. Vice versa is possible too, sometimes, we hide some qualities/vices from others, and keep ourselves hidden. Openness is necessary in that case.

In the end, the goal is to become more and more self-aware.


I believe we learn as much as from fellow bloggers here, as we learn from our own experiences. Feel free to comment on the post to talk or discuss any topic.

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