The Routine

“It’s a hard thing to leave any deeply routine life, even if you hate it.”
― John Steinbeck


A view from my hostel on a cloudy day

My life nowadays is deep rooted in routine. I haven’t stepped out to travel in past 3 months and won’t be able to, for the next two years. Life is routine for me – from morning to night.

The reassuring thing about routine is that most of us live this way. We are people of habit after all. We have organised our lives and prefer to stick to what we know best, which makes sense. It’s the way we achieve goals, minor or major. Why would we want to disrupt what works?


photography- an outlet for breaking the routine

Few things which help me are music, football, writing and photography. I try to make these a part of my routine so that my routine is interesting and not a burden.


my room’s wall

Routine has its benefits but when it stifles and prevents us from experiencing all the wonderful things in life, it becomes detrimental. Without routine chaos would ensue; but too much routine can have us living like zombies, just going through the motions and completely uninspired. The key is to balance routine with the new and including things you like in it.

“If spectacle is lacking in everyday life, it may be because we have forgotten where and how to look.”


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