Is Busy Better

I’m writing a blog post after a while. I haven’t been able to catch up with the blogs lately, I promise I’ll catch up soon. The busy life of B-school is to be blamed. I’ve completed more than a month at XLRI and it has been quite a ride with ups and downs.

From rekindling my love with playing football to impromptu presentations, from having fun with newly made friends to surprise tests(which by the way really surprised me).

The one thing which remained constant was the love for photography and in this blog post, I’ll post a few of my clicks from Jamshedpur, most of which are clicked within the campus.


evening view of the hills near the campus


XLRI Football field


on my own on a peaceful evening in my room after a chaotic day


a calm sunset


clearing skies after the rain


A cat judging me as I was procrastinating while studying

In the end, for a few, inactivity is the enemy and for others, busy life is a burnout. We need to strike a perfect balance.

β€œBusy with the ugliness of the expensive success
We forget the easiness of free beauty
Lying sad right around the corner,
Only an instant removed,
Unnoticed and squandered.”
― Dejan Stojanovic




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